A Real Datalogging Seismograph for Your Science Laboratory

A Project Designed by the University of Sydney Science Teacher Fellowship holder for 2005, Dave Dobeson


As featured in Silicon Chip Electronics magazine
September 2005 Edition
Would you like to run a REAL seismograph in your own Science Lab?
  • Now with Picaxe data logger option
  • Capable of detecting the half dozen magnitude 7 quakes around Australia every year?
  • Or even the dozen magnitude 6 quakes each year?
  • That will reinforce the concepts of continental drift and the earth being billions of years old?
  • Costing less than $50 and probably closer to $20 using bits from the Science store room?
  • Able to be built by you in a few afternoons?
  • Or by your students in a few lessons?
  • Or by able Year 10 students as their Student Research Projects for the School Certificate?
  • Using the Data Logger that is locked away and no one uses?
  • And an old Pentium computer?
  • In the display cabinet instead of the Halley's Comet Projects and snake skins?
  • With a "email help desk" manned by the designer and construction assistance if needed?

If you answered yes to these questions then I can help you.

Web site information, email assistance, lesson programs and links to major seismology sites in Australia and the US will help you make the earth move for you and your students when you see an earthquake detected live in your classroom.


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