Teaching Resources - Data Logging
Junior Science & Primary Biology Chemistry
Earth & Environmental Science Physics Senior Science


Data-Logging: - A good basic introduction for teachers to sensors adn how to use the data collected. From Laurence Rogers, School of Eduction, Leicester University

Learn Science in Dataloggerama - For the classroom- a wide range of experiments using Data loggers, with related questions. From Roger Frost's Dataloggerama

Specific equipment (actvities can be adapted for other instruments)

Casio Classroom - for calculator and data collection devices - Good introductory activities to explore the concepts prior to using the equipment. From University of Central Florida

Pico Technology : Library of Science Experiments - from Pico Technology - categorised into disciplines

Online Experiments -discipline-based plus primary (middle) school- using PASCO equipmwent only, but may be a good source of ideas - from Pasco

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Junior Science & Primary

Laptop Learning Challenge:Learning Science, Math and Technology with laptops. Experiments for collecting data awithout sensors and analysing results.

Suggestions for experiments to use with sensors (of any make) - from Probesight, Concord Consortium- click on sensors suggestions

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Using Computer and Calculator-Based Interfaces in Biology - Senior Biology from Access Excellence

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Chemistry and Datalogging - For vernier equipment - includes worksheets adn powerpoint presentations

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Earth and Environmental Science

Global Warming: Data logging - experiments and linked resources from Community Science Action Guide

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Data Loggers - a workshop presented by Paul Wacher at the 11th Biennial Science Teachers' Workshop, The University of Sydney, 2004(pdf 258.1kB). Includes step by step guidance though experiments and other ideas.

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Senior Science

A Local Environment Context based project from the Wetland Environmental Education Centre providing opportunity to use data logger in the field, which could be adapted for other contexts. (pdf 1.46MB)

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