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Australian Multimedia for Physics Students (AMPS) - vidoes and support material, developed for teachers by teachers… and physics academics, university students, online learning specialists, and science communicators and funded through the Australian School Innovation in Science, Technology and Mathematics (ASISTM) initiative.

Teachers' Domain: Multimedia Resources for the Classroom and Professional Development - resource rich lesson plans from WGBH Educational Foundation, which integrate QuickTime movies, Flash Interactives, diagram and photos, and background information in pdfs, which can be accessed through the web site. Many of the QuickTime movies can be downloaded and saved locally for classroom use. Many of the resources have been developed by Nova, PBS and ZOOM (Children's program). Free registration is required to access the resources.

NSW Syllabus links for Teachers' Domain

How Stuff Works Video Center

NSW Syllabus links for Teachers' Domain

Physclips - A multi-level muti-media resource created by staff at School of Physics, University of New South Wales. Includes Physics animations, film clips, interactive tutorials and supporting pages

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