Teaching Resources - Interactive Whiteboards

Background information Reports Classroom activities and resources

Interactive whiteboard - Explanation, information, downlaodable software and activities

The Ultimate Collaboration (pdf 57kB) An article from Side by Side - the newspaper for NSW public schools (2007) - good background on local, national and international scene.

Evaluation - Final report from a UK "National Strategies initiatibve

Reports and articles

Introduction - IWB in education, pros and cons and related issues(pdf 51.2kB)

Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom General, comprehensive resource for suggestions for use, manufacturers details, specific manufacturers resources and software downloads.

So you've got an Interactive whiteboard! Now what? - research article from South Australia, investigating support structures necessary for effective use.

Exploring pedagogy with interactive whiteboards: A case study of six Australian schools 2005-2006 - from UTS report for Centre for Learning Innovation, NSWDET and Electroboard

Classroom activities and resources

General resources from Edna - Research, guides and discussions of the use of interactive whiteboards in education

Downloads - from SEN Teacher, range of free teaching resources, including powerpoints, games adn activities (Note that "Celestia" is complex adn needs some structuring)

Pieces of Science - Historical events and equipment. Online experiments wiht teacher guides and worksheets from Science Learning Network

Interactive Whiteboard Resources -Mixed activities - but need supportng materials, from Amphitheatre Schools, Tucson, Arizona

Climate Change in Wales - Excellent source of data and activities if you have an interest in Wales, from National Grid for Learning Cymru (NGfL Cymru)

Interactive science & engineering (for 9-11 year olds) Excellent game format and some good science. Tasks are quite long.- from Seek Science

Secret Worlds, The Universe Within move through space towards Earth, from Molecular Expressions, Florida State University

Teacher Resource Exchange Many resources including good interactive applets (eg Emission Spectrum) but many need considerable support material. Some are very poor (eg Resistors)

General Interactive Whiteboard Resources - A variety of resources of variable quality - browse deeply to find good powerpoints fro Cience, from Kent County Council

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