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In this section we explore Ecosystems - where does the Tasmanian Devil live, what is its food chain and what is affecting this.

The following articles and resources offer some background information

In Tasmania Feral Foxes Take Over: Tasmanian Devils Decline And Introduced Foxes Create Havoc

This article describes the impact of the non-native red-fox on the local Tasmanian ecosystem. A short article - easily readable by 7-10.

Tasmanian Devil Endangered: Rare disease threatens to wipe out Australian icon

This article is written in simpler language suitable for grades 3-8 and explains some of the effects of loss of Devils on other animals

There is a good discussion question at end - which links to a blog discussion

Suggested learning activities

UniServe Science, with staff from Faculty of Veterniary Science have developed activites for Primary and Secondary students.

The Primary resource is aimed at Year 3-4 and investigates food chains involving the Tasmanian Devil

Teachers Guide (pdf 108kB)

Student Activity Sheet (pdf 136kB)

The Secondary resource is aimed at Year 7-8 and investigates food webs involving the Tasmanian Devil

Teachers Guide (pdf 133kB)

Student Activity Sheet (pdf 90kB)