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(a joint venture between Faculty of Veterinary Science and UniServe Science at The University of Sydney and the NSW Department of Education)

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The Devils Lair

What the Devil?

Better the Devil You Know

The Devil is in the Detail

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Speak of the Devil

Gossip is the Devil's radio

The Devil's Angels


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This site has been developed as a support site for the Devil Rock programme. Its aim is to provide educational resources and activities for students entering the Battle of the Bands competition as well as providing a rich resource for teachers at all levels in studies of the Tasmanian Devil and their current plight with facial tumours.

This site is an active site and new content and ideas will continue to be added over the coming months. We welcome input and feedback from teachers and students.

Each of the following sections has links to information and/or activities regarding the Tasmanian Devil which are subdivided into sections for primary and high school students.These resources are a combination of external information and specially created material.

We will include links at the end of the page to complete resource and activity ideas for each of the different stages of schooling so you can go directly to these for examples of lesson plans and Units of work that incorporate the information in our top sections. (This area of the site is still being developed so please check back in early August)

What the devil?

The Devil Rock home page and explains in more details the Devil Rock project - including details of the Battle of the Bands competition, the Devil Rock concert and the project team.

Better the Devil you know than the Devil you don’t.

This section contains general background information on the Tasmanian Devil.

The devil is in the detail

Information about the science behind the Tasmanian Devil and the problems they are currently experiencing. Here you will learn more about facial tumours, biodiversity, genetic diversity and histology.

Between the devil and the deep blue sea

Explore Ecosystems - where does the Tasmanian Devil live, what is its food chain and what is affecting this.

Speak of the devil

Researchers from The University of Sydney discuss the work they are undertaking in regards to the Tasmanian Devil. Find out what we can learn from their "poo" and their genes

Gossip is the Devil's radio.

You are invited to write to our experts and researchers and ask them questions. These questions, and the responses, will form a database of Frequently Asked Questions that will help build up our body of knowledge

The Devil's Angels

More background information on the project team. We also include links to other organisations and individuals who are helping the Tasmanian Devil. You can also see ways in which you can help.