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In this section you are invited to write to our experts and researchers and ask them questions. These questions, and the responses, will form a database of Frequently Asked Questions that will help build up our body of knowledge.

Here is a selection of questions that have been asked already about the Tasmanian Devil and the answers provided by our researchers

What does DFTD stand for?

DFTD stands for Devil Facial Tumour Disease and is a contagious cancer that caused the Tasmanian Devil to be listed as an endangered species, and without our intervention, may cause the extinction of the Devil. Check out other pages on our site for more information


Given the importance of saving this species - exactly what is being done to lower other impacts on tassie devils other than DFTD. For example - wildlife corridors, habitat protection, protecting denning sites? I'm concerned that a lot of effort and emphasis is on the fatal disease - yet other things are fatal too and will impact on the remaining populations in the wild.
Scientists working in the Save the Tasmanian Devil program have considered these issues and have details on their website

Do you have another question about the Tasmanian Devil you would like answered.? Use this link to send an email to one of the researchers from The University of Sydney's Faculty of Veterinary Science.