T. Rex: The Killer Question - activities based around Tyrannosaurus Rex, two online activities (determine whether T.Tex was a hunter or a scavenger and investigate how our knowledge of T. Tex has evolved). Flash and HTML versions of the activities available

Name that Reptile - matching a dinosaur with its name, from San Diego Natural History Museum

Terrorsaurus Resources - teaching ideas and resources from Questacon

Australian Dinosaurs

Australian dinosaurs - from Walking with Dinosaurs, ABC. Information about Australian dinosaurs compiled by Quantum's Leigh Dayton and Dr. Paul Willis. Includes links to interactive games and activities

Dann's Dinosaurs (All Australian Version) - All about dinosaurs and other extinct creatures of Australia

ZoomDinosaurs.com - from Enchantered Learning, an American site but with lots of teaching and craft ideas, and fact sheets include Australian dinosaurs such as Minmi and Muttaburrasaurus

Polar dinosaurs in Australia - from United States Geological Survey. Includes relevant accompanying graphic

Dinosaurs and Fossils - from Museum Victoria. Links to various websites, essays and teaching resources

Download-a-Dinosaur - paper craft created by Phil Heiple

Dinosaur Cut-outs - from Learningpage.com, registration necessary but free, download a 15 page background mural and 10 dinosaurs to add to the mural, all with teacher instructions; fact sheets included

Gondwana dinosaurs

Lords of Gondwana - from Paleontology of Patagonia. A well presented site with information on Gondwana dinosaurs

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