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Teaching ideas and lesson plans

Electricity - from Resources - Science and Environmental Education, School of Education, Deakin University - inludes suggested actvities

Using electricty


Static Elctricity - a series of videos with background essays and discussion questions plus classroom activites from Teachers' Domain

  1. Static Electricity: Snap, Crackle, Jump -
  2. Testing for Static Electricity - with home-made electroscope
  3. Electric Girl - demonstrations of static and current electricity

Designing Electric Circuits: Door Alarm - another short video from Teachers' Domain

Interactive Whiteboard Software

Using electricity - download activities from National Grid for Learning Cymru

Learning circuits - from Learning Circuits - can be done as indivdual or pair activity or whole class activity on IWB (includes Teacher notes)

Using electricity - from BBC Science Clips (aimed at ages 6-7)

Circuits and conductors - from BBC Science Clips

Changing circuits - from BBC Science Clips

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