Understanding gravity - from Instructor Web, free registration will give limited access, membership required for full access. A science lesson on understanding gravity. This lesson focuses on what gravity is, Isaac Newton, the laws of gravity, force, motion, and inertia. Includes printable teaching reading comprehension lesson worksheets.

Gravity on Earth and elsewhere

Gravity on other Planets - from The Physics Van, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Gravity and weight on other Planets - lesson plan from Teacher Vision. For grades 3 - 6

Your weight on other worlds - from Exploratorium USA. Ever wonder what you might weigh on Mars or The Moon? Here's your chance to find out.

Using gravity

Toys in Space

Lift off to Learning: Toys in Space II - lesson based on online video, from NASA

Toys in Space 2 Experiments: Class Activities - from NASA


Interactive Multimedia

Amazing Space Explorations - including Planet Impact from Space Telescope Science Institute's Office of Public Outreach

Black Holes - interactive media from Teachers First

Interactive Whiteboard Software

The Earth, the Sun and the Moon - from Curriculum Online, UK, sample available only

Other KLAs

A Victim of Gravity - song lyrics and video from School House Rock

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