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Model Making and Paper Craft


Craft Recipe Index - how to make pastes and glues as well as many different models, from Just Kids Recipes

Model Insects - lesson plan (K-2) from Science NetLinks

Paper Craft

Download-a-dinosaur - easy to make paper dinosaurs

Paper Toys - some relevant to science and mathematics; look at Spinners, Marble Mice and Pin Wheel , make sure page setup is A4. All files in pdf format

Paper Craft - from Canon. 3D paper models of a range of topics including animals, toys and science, files in pdf. Note: some of these are quite complex

Papercraft - from Yamaha - detailed patterns and instructions for rare animals, seasons and motorcycles. Files in pdf

Make an Insect Mask! - from PBS, Nature: Fun and Games. Two masks to download - cricket and butterfly, in pdf

Tsuyu (Snail and Frog) - from Yamaha. Files in pdf

Paper Craft - Japanese fish from a fishing enthusiast. Pdf files

Maverick 's Paper Boats - instructions for making boats, snowflakes and relief stars. Includes videos

Model Making

Papier Mache

The Papier Mache Resource - with various techniques, tutorials, projects and ideas

Paper mache recipes and patterns from planetpals - instructions for paper mache paste and pdf file of patterns to make

Projects and ideas

Bird Houses - using milk cartons as base, lesson plan from Terry Bishop and The Papier Mache Resource


Teachers' Resource Pack for Puppet Making Workshop: from School Performance Tours - teaching plan for puppet making

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