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Puzzles and Games

Online games

Nature: Puzzles and Fun - interactive multimedia adventures from PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), inludes infomration, jigsaws, scrambles, papercraft and online games - (Comments from users are a guide as to how well they will be received by students)

Name that Reptile - matching a dinosaur with its name, from San Diego Natural History Museum - basic game with good information

Boeing Kids Page: "Let's Fly!" - word puzzles, colouring and papercraft from Boeing, all have to be printed out to complete

Interactive Assessment Worksheets - crosswords,word puzzles, interactive learning for a range of mathematics and science topics from Resources for Homeschooling, Parenting the Next Generation


Resources developed for Science K-6 using Hot Potatoes - cloze exercise, rearrange sentence, short answer quiz, developed by UniServe Science


Crossword Puzzles! - make you own or use ones that have been prepared, from ABC Learn

Paper based activities

The Puzzle Corner - crosswords, word finds, codes and more on science themes from The Science Spot

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