2009 is International Year of Astronomy and many Special events are being held.

Further details can be found at both the Australian and International websites

Blast Off Is an Introduction to Rocketry Activity developed by UniServe Science. This was originally used for the launch of Compass-find your way to higher education - a University of Sydney project designed to increase the diversity of students accessing higher education. This activity can be adapted for use in all Grades and can be extended into several curriculum areas. Several resources on this and other pages within the UniServe Science site have been incorporated into this activity.

The following are links to websites that contain information and/or activites related to Space that are suitable for Primary school classes


Your link to Space - from SpaceLink - a gateway to many other resources

Hands-On Learning: Primary School - from Australian Astronomy, inlcudes interactive online tutorials

Galaxies, Stars and other Astronomical bodies

Online Explorations - from Amazing Space and NASA, require good Internet connection and plug-ins, including Flash- interactive activities

Astronomy Basics - from Amazing Space and NASA, inlcudes Facts and Classroom ideas

Solar System

Solar System: The Scale of the Solar System - from Lunar and Planetary Institute, NASA's Office of Space Science and public libraries. Includes information, activities and other resources

Planets and the Solar System - from The Space Place, NASA: fun activities and facts

Exploring Planets in the Classroom - from Hawai'i Space Grant Consortium - a series of activities and information sheets

Humans in Space

Suited for Space Walking - a teachers guide in pdf, from NASA and Challenger Center for Space Science Education (4.4MB) Useful and detailed information- activities aimed at Upper primary or secondary level

Space vehicles


Model Making ideas from NASA A collection of ideas from NASA archives using a range of materials

Links to many models - This page is a gateway to many model kits - the difficulty of the model kits ranges from basic to extremely complicated; many of which come with information and classroom activities as well. Have fun exploring.

Space Station

Online Activities on the International Space Station - from Theme Pages for Elementary Students and Teachers - a series of activities and associated worksheets.

International Space Station Challenge - from Classroom of the Future, NASA - detailed website with information and activites

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