Getting Around

Road Safety - from NSW Road Traffic Authority. Includes videos of what happens when a car crashes at 60km/h and 100km/h

The Beginner's Guide to Aeronautics - a teaching unit from NASA

The Science of Cycling - from the Exploratorium. Various scientific aspects of cycling and bicycles

Gearing up for Bike Safety - from Vic Roads. Lesson plan, worksheets and fact sheets (pdf, 821kb)

Bicycle safety - Before you ride - from Vic Roads (pdf, 322kb)

Out and About

Simple Machines - from Franklin Institute. An introduction to simple machines

Inventor's toolbox - from Museum of Science. An illustrated guide to various elements of machines


On the Move

Gears - from Dynamic Science

How Do Things Fly? - from Boeing. A colourful, interactive site demonstrating how various things fly

A selection of sites from How Stuff Works. Includes videos and images:

How Gears Work

How Gear Ratios Work

How Bicycles Work

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