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Cotton, Gossypium sp.

Natural Fibres: Cotton - from 2009 International Year of Natural Fibres

Cotton - Year 5 web page about cotton in Australia, from Rochedale State School

Fabric Properties and Distinctions: Cotton - from Fabrics Net

Cotton - from Frabrocs Online ThinkQuest

The Australian cotton industry and its pests: past, present and future - 60 page illustrated .pdf document (3.4MB) from the Cotton Development and Research Corporation

AN ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE AUSTRALIA - Salinity problems, from Cotton Development and Research Corporation

Discussion: Cotton is a very demanding crop, needing lots of water and fertilizer, and providing delicious food for a range of insects, so insecticides are needed to kill them. Cotton can be grown under irrigation or as a dry land crop. Organize a class debate about whether we should continue to grow cotton in Australia. Consider the economic benefits and the effects on the environment.

Cotton Catchment Communities CRC

The Australian Cotton grower - magazine web site

Grim forecasts as Murray-Darling Basin hits new low - news article from Herald Sun

CHANGE IN AGRICULTURAL WATER USE OVER TIME - from Australian Bureau of Statistics

Technology in Australia 1788-1988: Cotton and Flax - from Australian Innovation in Textile Technology, University of Melbourne

Queensland Cotton Corporate History - from Queensland Cotton

Cotton Australia

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