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Discovering Natural Fibres: Introducing Fibres

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Very long and very thin, fibres take many forms. Eat an orange and you may get fibres between your teeth. Houses are insulated with fibres. Clothes are made from them. Pages you write notes on are just thin flat sheets of matted fibres. Fibres are everywhere.

Keep this question in mind as you work: Where do they come from? This page will give you links to information about many types of fibres and you are asked to work out at least one way to classify them. Show your results as a table. Be prepared to justify your schemes.

  1. Explore these Internet sites looking for facts, quotes, examples, images, sound clips, videos, and animations that you think are important aspects of the topic.

  2. Check for a copyright notices (usually at the bottom of the page). Most of the time, you can use images, etc. for classroom use only. If there is an e-mail link on the page, you can ask for permission to use the work. Be prepared to cut anything that copyright owners don't want you to use.

  3. Copy text by dragging across the words, right click and choose Copy from the menu OR highlight and use the Edit - Copy command on the menubar. Paste what you highlighted into a basic text editor, word processor, desktop publishing program or multimedia program.

  4. Save images by right-clicking and downloading them. Save the images in a folder until you're ready to use them. Remember to name them using the proper three letter extension at the end of the file name.

  5. Once you have collected your information and examples, consider why you collected them and why they are important.

  6. Additional Resources at the bottom of the page can be used to find factual information on your topic.


The Internet Resources

Additional Resources
Directories and Finding Aids
Ask Jeeves
A natural language search engine that lets you type in a question.

Librarians' Internet Index
Large collection created by Librarians.

MSN Encarta Encyclopedia Article Center
MSN Encarta Encyclopedia

KnowPlay Reference
Nicely formatted mega-search page

Expert volunteers answer your questions for free!

How Stuff Works
Great illustrations and animation often accompany the facts.

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