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Introduction for teachers

Stage 4

Here, UniServe Science offers context-based units of work based on some of the most used things in our lives: clothes, paper and food.

Students are introduced to a range of fibres with an internet based enquiry: Introducing Fibres. The units offer practical investigations and data research.

From here, choose from short units of work on Fibres and Fabrics, Paper, Foods and Ropes and String.

Students could also make collections of samples and digital photographs to use as the basis for reports, presentations or databases that could be used as resources by students in later years.

The topic is drawn together by a practical investigation of plant cells as sources of some important carbohydrates including cellulose, the hidden ingredient in so much of our lives.

Stage 5

Students may go on to examine the applications of cellulose in the production of technical products such as cellulose acetate, methyl cellulose, processed papers, food additives and pharmaceuticals.

They could investigate paper recycling, paper properties or experiment with altering the properties of paper to produce the best results for inkjet printing.

Plant studies could lead to investigation of biofuels, biomass and the financial and ethical problems they may cause.

Outcomes could include class presentations, open day displays, and debates.

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