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Forensic Science - General

Andes Expedition - from National Geographic, inlcuding a Virtual Autopsy of The Ice Maiden found in the Andes

The Chemical Detective - Forensic Science - from Deakin University-comprehensive resources from laboratory based forensic science workshops for Year 10 students

The Beast of Bodmin Moor - a Science Casebook from The Natural History Museum, London, uses comparative anantomy and forensic entomology to identify an unknown skeleton

Forensic Chemistry - UniServe Science resources for Stage 6 Chemistry: Forensic Chemistry

The Silent Witness - a collaborative project between the Queensland University of Technology and Craigslea State High School, includes, information, links to resources plus worksheets

From Fingerprints to DNA - from the Lab, ABC Science Online - information resource.; also contains link to a ficticious case - whilst this has now been solved it is still an interesting actvity and resources

Occupational Profile: Forensic Scientist general inforamtion about the role of a forensic scientist

The Crime Seen, Investigated - from Why files? General information, including Crime Scen Investigation, handwriting analysis plucs a bibliography

US Fish and Wildlife Service Law Enforcement - Forensics Lab - lab dedicated to solving crimes against animals

Identification Division - at Brazoria County Sheriff’s Department Criminal Identification Division, includes fingerprinting, blood spatter, firearms and entomology- detailed information on each of these topics

Explore Forensics detailed information about many aspects of forensic science

The Thin Blue Line - this is the section of forensic science on the unofficial NSW Police web site - links to more detailed information

Court TV's Crime Library full text information about notorious crimes

ThinkQuest - a site with links to many forensic science resources and activities - this is the index page for forensic science - the following are two examples of resources found on this site.

Forensic Science- Let Evidence Reveal the Truth - a comprehensive information site including interactive sections and flash animations.

Forensic Science Lesson Plans - a series of lesson plans with Teacher and Student Notes on a range of topics in forensic science

Exploring Forensic Science - a general information page, with additional links, including detailed information about careers in forensic science.

Trends & Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice, Journal published by Australian Institute of Criminology - several intersting articles can be found using the search link

The Forensic Science Degree Guide - includes a detailed introduction to Forensic Science

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Forensic Entomology

Most peculiar dating game - from WhyFiles explains the role of insects in forensic science

Forensic entomology - high level and detailed information about common insects used in forensci entomology

Forensic Entomology: What the Blowfly Saw a simple exercise in reading and deuction based on lifecycles of insects foundon a corpse

A Brief History of Forensic Entomology - from Mark Benecke, Certified Forensic Biologist

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Forensic Palynology

Geologist - Palynology and Forensic Palynology - one of UniServe Science "Faces of Science" profiles

Forensic Palynology: A New Way To Catch Crooks -detailed information plus case studies of uses of pollens

Forensic Palynology in the United States - a history of the development of this field of science

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Forensic Medicine

How DNA Evidence Works from How Stuff Works - The Science of DNA Fingerprinting, Using DNA evidence, DNA Evidence in the New Millennium- includes text and videos

DNA Forensics - from Human Genome Project Information - detailed information - includes some interesting Case files

Can DNA Demand a Verdict? - from University of Utah - general DNA information plus links to additional information and some interactive actitivities

Access Excellence Resources - a site from the national health museum (USA) - many activities adn information sheets

Centre for Genetics Education - a series of fact sheets produced for educational use - also have some DNA classroom Activities

DNA in the Courtroom - an online book with comprehensive coverage of topics such as DNA as evidence, PEOPLE V. ORENTHAL JAMES SIMPSON

Biotechnology Australia Interactive Resources - a series of interactiveactivities worksheets and animations with a DNA theme

Forensic Mathematics - pertains to DNA identification, and involves mathematics and biostatistics - high level

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Arson, bombings and explosions

Was this fire deliberate? A series of articles relating to fire einvestigation

NOVA Online/Bombing of America interatcive investigation of the various bombing incidents with related activites.

Arson Dogs - from Working Dogs Special Feature - article on how dogs can help sove arson crimes

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An Introduction to Forensic Firearm Identification - from - also has interactive material,which reauires login

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Forensic Anthropology

The Bones of 29 Young Men - from Court TV's Crime Library - detailed case study

Bodies and Bones -Case Study and information on a career as a forensic anthropologist

Profile of Dr Bill Bass, founder of The Body Farm - from Court TV's Crime Library

King Tut's New Face: Behind the Forensic Reconstruction - from National Geographic News - article with intersting photos

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Virtual Autopsy

Cutting edge, without a scalpel: Bloodless autopsies can solve mysteries while honoring religious boundaries - newspaper article from University of San Francisco

Virtopsy a virtual autopsy carried out using CAT scans, MRI and other non-invasive techniques

Police play it by ear - from BBC News, using ear prints as evidence in linking suspects to crimes

Court Holds Earprint Identification Not Generally Accepted In Scientific Community - from

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

FORENSIC GEOLOGY CASE HISTORIES - from University of Missouri-Rolla

FORENSIC GEOLOGY - from Austin Peay State University

Devils in the Details: The Science of Forensic Geology - web site of Ray Murray, a Forensic Geologist- includes case studies

Forensic Anthropology - the web site of a forensic anthropologist at University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Criminal Profiling: How it got started and how it is used - forensic psychology

Forensic Animation, Imaging and Illustration - from AI2, consultancy in Canada

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On-line Mysteries to Solve

The Mystery Spot - at AccessExcellence - a series of crimes to solve

DNA Detectives - from Dolan DNA Learning Center - animated examples

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