LS.5 - Issues that arise from scientific developments

Organ Transplants


Radiation from power lines and mobile phones


Organ Transplants

How Organ Transplants Work - from How Stuff Works

Myths & Facts on Organ and Tissue Donation - from Transplant Australia

Facts about organ donation - from Channel 9 News

Xenotransplantation Fact Sheet - from National Health and Medical Research Foundation

Fact Sheets: Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation - fact sheets include 25 Facts About Organ Donation and Transplantation, Milestones in Organ Transplantation and Xenotransplantation: A Solution To The Donor Organ Shortage? , from National Kidney foundation

Which Organs Can Be Donated for Transplantation? - from the New York Donor Network

Information for General Public - from the New York Donor Network, including organ and tissue donation, deciding for a loved one and becoming a donor

Gift Of Life Stories - donor families and recipients stories, from the New York Donor Network

Organ Donation the gift of life - from Government Employees Health Fund

Heart Transplants and Organ Donation - from The Heart Foundation

Bone Marrow Transplant - page from Apollo Hospital Group

Transplant Australia - from Transplant Australia

Real life stories and media reports

Eight organs transplanted - six month old baby receives transplants

Baby gets eight organ transplant - from The Australian

Becoming an Organ Donor

Organ Donor Register - from Medicare Australia

Life Gift - from Australian Red Cross, see Fact Sheets under Info Centre


Transplant Rejection - from Health Central Website

ORGAN REJECTION - from American Society of Transplantation

The clinical and ethical implications of hepatitis C for organ transplantation in Australia - from Medical Journal of Australia

New Anti-rejection Drug - an article from The Age

Ethical Issues

Donating organs after death: ethical issues - from National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

Ethical issues in donation of organs or tissues by living donors - from National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

Ethical issues raised by allocation of transplant resources - from National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

Certifying death: The brain function criterion - from National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

Australian Stories

Dr. Victor Chang, A.C. - from Praising the Tall Poppy ~ Celebrating Our Heroes

Victor Chang AC (1936-1991) - from the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute

Victor Chang SCHOOL PROJECT MATERIAL LIFE AND ACHIEVEMENTS - from the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute

St Vincent's clocks up 1000 - from The Catholic Weekly

David Hookes Foundation - official web site

Organ Gift helps Scott Breathe easy- an article from Sydney Morning Herald

The arguments against organ transplantation

The Nasty Side of Organ Transplanting - a controversial and contentious site by a self-interest group opposed to organ transplantation, AFFILIATION UNKNOWN

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Salinity of soils and water

Salinity - from Department of Primary Industries, NSW

Salinity Solutions NSW - from Department of Natural Resources, includes Taking on the Challenge: NSW Salinity Strategy can be downloaded from the site (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Monitoring the white death - soil salinity from NOVA, Australian Academy of Sciences

Salinity in the Murray - good diagrams and charts in a two page document

Salinity Management - from Natural Resources and the Environment, Victoria

Publications - from National Dryland Salinity Program, in particular the Fact sheets and Brochures and posters

Natural Resource Management: Water and Land Salinity - from Murray-Darling Basin Commission, Education Centre

Tricked plants need half the water - from ABC Science environment news

Australia could run dry - from ABC Science environment news

Salinity threatens extinctions in Western Australia - from ABC Science environment news

Salinity fact sheets - from Queensland Natural Resources and Water

Salinity in Western Australia - from Agriculture Western Australia

Salinity - an introduction - from Agriculture Western Australia

Case Studies
Pine Ridge Tackle Salinity and Landcare Groups Leading Research - Salinity/Alkalinity in the Uralla-Walcha district on the Northern Tablelands of NSW from Landcare in the Namoi, Landcare NSW

Troy Gully Urban Salinity Project from Landcare in the Central West, Landcare NSW

Boorowa Regional Catchment Committee from Landcare in the Lachlan, Landcare NSW

Salinity management case studies - from Agriculture Western Australia

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Radiation from Power Lines and Mobile Phones

The Mobile Phone System and Health Effects - from Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency

How Cell (Mobile) Phone Radiation Works - from How Stuff Works

Cell Phone Safety - from USA Drug Administration

Are Mobile Telephone Communication Antennas a Health Hazard? - from Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency

Radiation Scare from Mobile Phones - article by Dr Patrick Dixon

The Electromagnetic Radiation Health Threat - Part I - from NZine

Mobile phones communications on the go - from NOVA, Australian Academy of Science

Mobile phones and potential health risks - a Fact Sheet from ACT WorkCover

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Fertilisers and Pesticides

Excessive use of Fertilisers

Nutrients in rural waterways - from NSW Environment Protection Authority

Fertilizers and Livestock Wastes Increase Nutrients in Streams and Ground Water - from United States Geological Survey

Blue-Green Algal Bloom Management - from NSW Murray Regional Algal Management Committee

Blue Green Algae: A Guide - from CRC for Water Quality and Treatment

Fact Sheet 10 River Flows and Blue-green Algae - from Land and Water Australia

Algae & Algal Blooms found in NSW Wetlands - from NSW Department of Natural Resources

Toxic algal blooms - a sign of rivers under stress - from NOVA, Australian Academy of Science

Excessive use of Pesticides

Pesticide Education Resources, University of Nebraska including What is a Pesticide?

What are pesticides? from NSW Environment Protection Authority

Lecture 24: Pesticides - from The Biology Learning Center

How pesticides work - from NSW Environment Protection Authority

Handling pesticide wastes - a household guide - from NSW Environment Protection Authority

weed management guides - from CRC Weed Management

fact sheets - from CRC Weed Management

Biological Control of Pests

Pest Fact Sheets - from Natural Resources and Water, Queensland

Biocontrol - from CSIRO

A plague on the pest - rabbit calicivirus disease and biological control - from NOVA, Australian Academy of Science

Biological control of pests,diseases and weeds - from Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research .pdf file

Feral Animals in Australia - from Department Environment and Heritage

Using Biological Control Agents to Control Pest Diseases - from Burnley College of Horticulture, University of Melbourne

Aussie invaders - from Questacon, controlling the spread of plant invaders using natural methods

Australian Biological Control - The Association of Beneficial Arthropod Producers

Ecogrow: a natural alternative to chemical pesticides - a company which sells insects for biological control - click Products link to see a list of pests

Benefical Bug Company - a company which specialises in biological control for spider mites

The Beetle that Saved Lake Victoria - from ABC Science Lab

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