LS.8 - Safe use and storage of household chemicals

Household Chemicals, Poisons & Pesticides

Hazardous Waste

Teaching Resources

Safer Solutions - great Australian Site, includes general information plus several Learning Modules which can be adapted for a range of classes

Learn About Chemicals Around Your Home - a great interactive site that explores different rooms in the house and provides information about chemicals found there. Also haze puzzles and quizzes

Water-friendly housekeeping-In-Class or homework activity based around the fact that household chemicals can damage our waterways - developed for Chesapeake Bay, AMerica, but can de easily adapted for local context. See also the activity on Campaign for Proper Household HAzardous Waste Disposal

Information Sites

Household Chemicals, Poisons & Pesticides

NSW Poisons Information Centre - detailed information site from Westmead Children's Hospital - Navigate through to Definitions of poisons, prevention and First Aid

Chemical Hazards Includes list of hazardous chemicals and hazrd notation and symbols- from University of Melbourne

Guide for Handling Household Chemicals - useful summary, includes definitions from

Farm safety - handling chemicals - from Better Health Channel, Victoria

Workplace safety - hazardous substances and safety issues - from Better Health Channel, Victoria

Household Chemical Safety from NSW Fire Brigade, see also the subsections from this main page

Hazardous Waste

WHAT IS HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE? - basic informaion page on materials which by chemical nature, can be a potential health risk to people and the environment, from Hunter Waste Planning and Management Board See also their FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section.

Hazardous Waste - from Better Health Channel, Victoria

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