LS.9 - The large variety of plants

Identifying native plants

Participate in an investigation

Communicate information

Identifying native plants

Eucalypyts - Fact Sheet, from the Australian Museum

SGAP Guide to australian plants - from Society for Growing Australian Plants

Search the Atlas of NSW Wildlife - lists plants in any given national park or reserve, from National Parks and Wildlife

Welcome to the Virtual Herbarium - Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga

Information about some Australian Plants - from Centre for Plant Biodiversity, Australian National Botanic Gardens

Handbooks and Field Guides - (Geographical and Ecological) - a list of references useful for teachers, from Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research, Australian National Botanic Gardens
A list of references useful for teachers

Community Biodiversity Survey Manual - from Department of Environment and Climate Change

Fact Sheets: Native Plants - form Gardening Australia, ABC


About Weeds - from Australian Government

Weed identification tool - from Australian Government

What is a Weed? - from Hawkesbury River county Council


Participate as part of a team in an investigation into native plants

Getting To Know your Local Plants - from Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga

How to Build a Plant Press - from The Online Herbarium Project

Making Leaf Prints - from Illinois Natural History Survey, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Bush Regeneration - fact sheet from Greening Australia

Whereis? - find the location of your school or local environment a map, enter the school's address in the boxes to get a map of your area, also locate nearby parks with places of interest

What's it all about? - a survey of native plants at Loreto Normanhurst with maps, reports and practical information for weed removal

Flora for fauna - from National Heritage Trust and Nursery and Garden Industry

Working Together for the Environment - from Environment Trust

Vegetation Fact Sheets - from Queensland Government

Alternatives to Invasive Garden Plants - a fact sheet from the CRC Australian Weed Management

Garden Escapes List & Suggested Alternatives - from Sydney Weeds Committee

Grow Me Instead - from Grow Me Instead project, download booklet in pdf

Communicate information

Creating Effective Poster Presentations - from North Carolina State University

Effective Presentations - University of Kansas Medical Center

Native Plants at Loreto Normanhurst - online report of an extensive survey of the school grounds carried out by National Trust

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