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9.3 The Acidic Environment

General information Indicators Acids in the atmosphere
Acids in food, drink and our body Defining acids Esterification

General information

The Acidic Environment - lecture notes by Dr Peter Chia and Alex Durie (The University of New South Wales) in pdf format (173 KB) from the 2000 Year 12 HSC workshop for teachers

Acid and Base pH Tutorial - from Vision Learning

WA Government Schools, REGIONAL TECHNICIANS GROUP, Problems and Solutions - Recipes - contains recipes for artifical urine, blood, pH solutions and saliva

The Virtual Chemistry Laboratory (need to download first then run) - simulated laboratory investigation of acids, bases and indicators from The IrYdium Project (Java enhanced interactive chemistry) at Carnegie Mellon University, requires Java Plugin 1.3. Documentation and User guides can be downloaded here.

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Acids and bases: Frequestly asked questions from General Chemistry Online!, Frostburg State University including What household substances can be used as acid/base indicators? and What are some natural acid/base indicators?

What is pH? - and other Educational Resources/Science Experiments - from US Environmental Protection Agency

What is pH? - from Utah State University (pdf, 290 KB)

pH simplified - by Robert J. Joyce

Acid Rain Experiments - Making a Natural pH Indicator - from US Environmental Protection Agency

Natural Indicators - How do they work? - from Carnegie Mellon University, describes characteristics and common uses of acids and bases (pdf, 35 KB)

The pH Factors! - from the Miami Museum of Science set at an junior level but with some useful information such as Indicators and their Ranges

Acid - Base Indicators and Titrations - commonly used indicators for titrations with their pH range, from the Imperial College, UK

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Acids in the atmosphere

Acid Rain - includes definition and effects of acid rain, experiments and activities from the US Environmental Protection Agency

Chemistry and the Environment - a 58 page booklet on this topic from the ChemSoc (Chemical Society) which includes a section on Acid Rain, download in pdf format (366 KB)

Chemistry Now - Chemistry of the atmosphere - a 5 page leaflet on this topic from the ChemSoc (Chemical Society), download in pdf format (178 KB)

Acid Rain - from Atmospheric Science Division, Environment Canada

Acid rain and The Nation's Capital (Washington D.C.) - from the US Geological Survey

Isopleth maps - from National Atmospheric Deposition Program, US Geological Survey showing maps of US for each year 1994 to 1998 of various indicators of atmospheric pollution e.g. pH, SO4, NO3

Henri Louis Le Chatelier, A Man of Principle - brief discussion of Le Chatelier and his work from the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

Water Analysis-Dissolved Carbon Dioxide (CO2) - a simple experiment to determine the amount of dissolved CO2 in a water sample - from Eastern Oregon University. From BioWorld Products, California.

ACID RAIN - webquest from Educational Services, Sir Wilfrid Laurier School

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Acids in food, drink and us

Download an Excel spreadsheet/database (28kB) which contains selected information on naturally occurring acids and bases.

Acid Stomach - a laboratory investigation of types of aspirin (buffered, enteric and regular) ScienceNetLinks

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Esters: The Secret of Natural and Synthetic Fragrances - laboratory procedure from Science and Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement, Illinois Institute of Technology

Preparation of Artificial Flavorings and Fragrances - laboratory procedure from Science and Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement, Illinois Institute of Technology

TOPS Esterification Lab - from Teachers + Occidental = Partnership in Science outreach programS

The chemistry of passion fruit - from Department of Chemistry, University of the West Indies

How Does Wine Get Its Flavor? - from the Global Gourmet

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