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9.8 Biochemistry of Movement

General information ATP - energy currency of the cell Carbohydrates
Fats - fuels for cells Proteins Muscle cells
Glycolysis ATP regeneration  

General information

Biochemistry of Movement - from HSC Online, Charles Sturt University

Biochemistry of Movement - a unit of work produced by students in the MTeach course at The University of Sydney, 2000

Biochemistry - Collected images of glucose, glycerol etc - from Prentice Hall Inc

Graphics Gallery - at Access Excellence includes graphics of Cell Processes (An Outline of Glycolysis, Anaerobic Breakdown of Pyruvate, A Simple Overview of the Citric Acid Cycle and more), view on-line in colour or download in pdf for printing

Topics in sport - Nutrition - from the Australian Sports Commisssion - a page of useful links

Current Concepts in Sports Nutrition - 56 page booklet (pdf 939 KB), from Australian Istitute of Sport

CNSHP Sports Nutrition Infoline - from Center for Nutrition in Sport and Human Performance, University of Massachusetts

SPORT NUTRITION at sportsci.org - articles related to sports nutrition on topics such as carbohydrates, sport drinks and oils, from Sportscience (A Peer-Reviewed Site for Sport Research)

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ATP - energy currency for the cell

ATP and energy - from HSC Online

Flowchart - from HSC Online

How Cells make ATP - from University of Miami

Mitochondria - from Gondar Design Biology for GCSE Biology, UK

Electron Transport Chain - diagram from University of Sydney

The Krebs Cycle

Cellular Respiration - from Kimball's Biology Pages

Cellular respiration - from University of Cinncinnati, Clermont

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Carbohydrates- from HSC Online

Glycogenesis, Glycogenolysis, and Gluconeogenesis from Virtual ChemBook, Elmhurst College

Nutrition - includes a Calorie calculator (Imperial) to determine amount of carbohydrate, protein and fat necessary to maintain a training regime, from Sports Coach

Winning Nutrition for Athletes - from US Government

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Fats - fuels for cells

Lipids: Fats, Oils, Waxes, etc. - from University of Cinncinnati, Clermont

Lipids - from Michigan State University

Functional groups - from Aus-E-tute

Fats - from HSC Online

Glycolysis, the first stage of respiration - from HSC Online

TAG Synthesis Diagram - from St John's University

The Liquid State - includes viscosity of glycerol, from University of Waterloo, Canada

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Biochemistry in 3D - Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry - a collection of interactive tutorials using 3D structures to teach concepts in Biochemistry, includes proteins, requires Chime

Molecules in Motion - from the University of Massachusetts, includes proteins, requires Chime

What is an enzyme? - from Northland College, requires Flash

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Types of muscle cells

The Introduction to Muscle Physiology and Design - from the Muscle Physiology Home Page, The University of California, San Diego

Contraction in Action - a lesson plan from the Access Excellence collection

Type I and Type II Muscle Fibres - from Kimball's Biology pages

Type 2 Muscle Fibres - source uncertain

Muscle Fiber Types and Training - from MASTERS TRACK AND FIELD (ATHLETICS)

MUSCLE STRUCTURE & FUNCTION - from Dr Illingworth at School of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Leeds, includes Skeletal muscle fibre types

Muscle types - from Sports Coach Home Page, includes Muscle Training

Fatty Acid oxidation - detailed notes from Indiana State University

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Production of acetyl CoA - from Access Excellence

Formation of Acetyl CoA from Pyruvic Acid -from Elmhurst College

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