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9.8 The Chemistry of Art

General information Use of colour to decorate the body and our surroundings Pigments
The spectra and our understanding of the colour of elements Distribution of electrons in shells Transition metals

General information

Pigments through the Ages - from Web Exhibits Site - includes sections on the significance of different colours, - note pigment field at top right

The Chemistry of Art - a resource pack produced by the Royal Society of Chemistry in collaboration with the National Gallery (London)

Minerals by Chemical Compostion - an interactive periodic table in which each element links to a list of minerals containing the element and the mineral in turn links to details and graphics of the mineral

Web Elements - Explore key information about the chemical elements through this periodic table

Option 9.8 Chemistry of Art - from HSC Online

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Use of colour to decorate the body and our surroundings

Architectural paint research - from Institute of Historic Building Conservation

PIGMENTS PAST: colors used throughout history - from Sanders Studios

How Old is Australia's Rock Art? - from Aboriginal Art Online

Traditional Aboriginal Art - from the Aboriginal Art & Culture Centre including PREPARATION, TRADITIONAL MATERIALS

ICE AGE CHEMISTS - from Archaeology Online News - a short article detailing archaeological finds in a French cave

Making the Dead Beautiful: MUMMIES AS ART - from Archaeology Online News

Death: the last taboo - from Australian Museum

Cave Painting - from Art History Club

The Cave of Lascaux - a virtual trip to the famous caves of Lascaux in France, view the paintings in charcoal and ochre, also useful for modules: The Acidic Environment and Chemical Monitoring and Management

The Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave - from Ministry of Culture and Communication

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Pigment - from Art History Club, scroll to Painting Pigments

Synthetic organic pigments - from Watercolours at handprint

Paint - web page from Art History Club

Forty Centuries of Ink - an online book from the World Wide School

Dyes - from Caveman Chemistry site

Theophilus (Glass) includes glazes - from the Caveman to Chemist Projects, Hampden-Sydney College

Glazes FAQ - origin uncertain

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The spectra and our understanding of the colour of elements

Atomic Spectra Database -from NIST

Spectral Lines - tutorial from University of Colorado

David's Whizzy Periodic Table - java applet - Click on element in periodic table to see its electon configutation and and emission spectrum, from University of Colorado

Periodic Table showing absorption and emission spectra - from University of Oregon

Atomic Spectra - from Hyperphysics, Georgia State University

About reflectance spectroscopy - from United States Geological Survey

Raman Spectroscopy - from Kaiser Optical Systems

Micro raman analysis of miniatures - from CSIRO Publishing (pdf, 234 KB)

Confocal Raman Microscopy of Colorants on Glazed Old Master Portrais - from CSIRO Publishing (pdf 187 KB),

Raman Spectroscopy of roman artefacts - from CSIRO Publishing (pdf, 206 KB)

Separation and Identification of Pigments found in Permanent Cosmetic/Tattoo Inks - Article Abstract from FDA Science

Light Absorption, Reflection, and Transmission - from The Physics Classroom

The Bohr Atom

Bohr Model Applet - from MacGraw Hill

Bohr Atom Applet - from Michigan State University

The Bohr Model - from Online Journey Through Astronomy, The University of Tennessee

Emission in the Bohr atom - a physlet, from Gustavus Adolphus College

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Distribution of electrons in shells

An Introduction to the Electronic Structure of Atoms and Molecules - from McMaster University

Chemistry of Art: 5. Coloured complex ions - HSC Online

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Transition metals

Laboratory Work

Flame Colors as Chemical Indicators - from Hyperphysics, Georgia State University

Colors of elements in a flame - from Chemistry Comes Alive, University of Wisconsin

Demonstrations - Coordination compounds - from University of Wisconsin

Periodic Table: Transition Metals

Transition Metals - from ThinkQuest

Pink Disease - from Disability Online, caused by mercury poisoning

CHELATES AND CHELATING AGENTS- from Science is fun, University of Wisconsin

Transition Metal Elements - from GCSE and Doc Brown's Chemistry Clinic

Uses Of The First Row Transition Metals - from The Wright Stuff

Properties of the Transition Elements - from The Wright Stuff

Atomic Energy Level Diagrams - grotrian diagrams,with explanations from Hyperphysics, Georgia State University

Ionization Energy - from Clackamas Community College Distance Learning

Hund's Rules - from Hyperphysics, Georgia State University

Pauli Exclusion Principle - from Hyperphysics, Georgia State University

How to predict electronic configuration - from Online Introductory Chemistry

Electron Configuration, Block classifications, Atomic radius trends and the Periodic Table - from Online Introductory Chemistry

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