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Software for use in the Chemistry Syllabus


Balancing and Interpreting Chemical Equations
A tutorial covering the balancing of molecular and ionic equations and the interpretation of equations.

Macintosh and Windows
Available from Video Education Australasia

Discovering Science Topics in Physics and Chemistry
Topics on this CD-ROM: Chemical periodicity; Surveying the Periodic Table; Chemical periodicity and electron structure; and Balancing equations.

Windows only
Further details from The Open University (UK)
Available from

Educational Media Australia
122/214 Park St
South Melbourne Vic 3205
Tel: 03 9699 7144

Elemental Exploring the Australian Minerals Industry
produced by the Mineral Council on Australia and Board of Studies NSW, this series of three CD-ROMs cover many aspects of minerals and metals including how are minerals mined, extracted, processed and refined?

Macintosh or Windows
Available from Board of Studies NSW
Sales Clerk
Board of Studies
GPO Box 5300 SYDNEY 2001

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Molecular World of Reactions in Water (VisChem)
VisChem is an Australian project which produces mulitmedia resources illustrating the three levels of chemistry - laboratory, molecular and symbolic.

Macintosh and Windows
Available from Video Education Australasia

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Chemical Monitoring and Management

Haber Process - Advanced
This simulation on CD-ROM allows you to examine the cyclic nature of the Haber process, equilibrium reaction in ammonia production, effects of different catalysts and effects of temperature and pressure.

Windows only
Further details available from Newbyte Educational Software

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Chemistry Visualisation Software and Plug-ins

RasMol is an excellent molecular modelling program intended for the visualisation of proteins, nucleic acids and small molecules.

Macintosh or Windows
Further details available from http://www.umass.edu/microbio/rasmol/
Chime is a browser plug-in that allows scientists to view chemical information directly on an html page.
Macintosh or Windows
Further details available from http://www.umass.edu/microbio/rasmol/

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General chemistry software

Crocodile Chemistry
an on-screen chemistry laboratory which allows the simulation of experiments in the following subject areas: solutions and solubility, acids and bases, metals, reaction rates, separating mixtures, periodic table, non-metals and their compounds.

Windows Only
Download a free trial version from Crocodile Clips Ltd.
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