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8.3 Metals

History of metals Uses of metals and the activity series of metals Metals and the Periodic Table
Extraction of metals Metals and the Mole Concept Recycling of metals

Chemical Tutorials - from ASU-e-TUTE

Avogadro Web Site - comprehensive web site covering information about Avogadro and chemistry topics

History of metals

Technological Style in Early Bronze Age Anatolia - from The University of Chicago

A Short History of Metals - from Carnegie Mellon University

An Introduction to Early Bronze Age Metalworking - from Bronze Age Art, UK

Ancient Metallurgy - from University of California San Diego

The Rise of Metallurgy in Eurasia - from The Center for the Study of the Eurasian Nomads (CSEN)

Copper: The Red Metal - from University of Nevada Reno

Class Notes on Early Metallurgy - from Daniel High School, available as a pdf file (157 KB)

Ross Island Mine Heritage and Tourism Site - a historic mine site in Ireland dating from the Bronze Age

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Uses of metals and the activity series of metals

Base & Precious Metals - Resources for Schools - from New Zealand Mineral Information Association

Titanium Information - from Gillett's Jewellers

Platinum: The Magic Metal - from Talisman Jewelers and Metalsmiths

Writing Chemical Equations

Writing Ionic Equations for Redox Reactions - from ChemGuide

Balancing Half Equations - from AUS-e-TUTE Cehmical Tutorials

Oxidation-Reduction Reactions - from Hampden-Sydney College

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Metals and the Periodic Table

Model to describe atomic structure

Bohr Atom - an applet illustrating Bohr's model of the Hydrogen atom from Michigan State University

Development of the Periodic Table

Selected Classic Papers from the History of Chemistry including several on the Periodic Table (Mendeleev, Meyer, Moseley, Newlands, Ramsay, and van den Broek), from Le Moyne College

Table of Simple Substances - from Elements of Chemistry by Lavoisier

How did Lavoisier classify elements known in his time? - from General Chemistry Online, Frostburg State University

The Periodic Table - with links to extracts to work by Döbereiner, Meyer and Mendeleev, from ...chemistry solutions, Dr R Beavon

Döbereiner's Triads - from University of Rochester

A Brief History of the Development of Periodic Table - from Western Oregon University

"Ich bin Mendelejeff" - from The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

The History of Chemistry including Mendeleev and Lavosier, from The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

The modern Periodic Table

Periodic table of the elements - a ThinkQuest from CHEMystery

Chemical Elements.com: An Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements

Chemicool Periodic Table

PeriodicTable.com - periodic table resources for students, teachers and some just for fun

The Periodic Table - an interactive periodic table from GSCE Chemistry, includes brief description of extraction of each metals


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Extraction of metals from their ores

Ore minerals

Rock and Mineral Identification Vocabulary - from Delta Mine Training Center

Looking for clues to our mineral wealth - from NOVA, Australian Academy of Science

Mineral deposits of New South Wales - from Geological Survey of NSW

Extraction of metals from their ores

Mineral Fact Sheets from the Minerals Council of Australia; There are also links to resources for primary and secondary education

How Iron and Steel Work - from How Stuff Works

Extraction of Copper - from copper pyrite (CuFeS2), from City Collegiate

Copper Chemistry - from The University of West Indies, Mona

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Metals and the Mole Concept

The History of Chemistry including Gay-Lussac and Avogardo, Woodrow Wilson Summer Institute

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Recycling of metals


Copper and the Environment - from the Copper Development Association

Iron and Steel

Cansmart: Steel Can Recycling Campaign - from The Steel Can Recycling Council, free registration is required to access some areas of the web site

Steel can recycling - pdf file, 238 KB - from Can and Aerosol News


Sustainability, Teachers resources - from Gould League of Victoria

Recycler's World - although this is a e-commerce site, it is interesting to see the extent of recycling of metal now being undertaken worldwide

METAL LINK - Manufacturers of Copper Alloy Ingots contains tables of the chemical composition of alloys and their uses

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