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9.6 Organic Geology - Non-renewable Resource

Renewable versus non-renewable resources Coal and coalification Petroleum and natural gas
Search for coal and oil Impact on the environment Dependence of modern society on coal, oil and gas
Impact on greenhouse effect Alternative sources of energy Conserving energy

Renewable versus non-renewable resources

Energy Basics 101 - from US Energy Information Administration. Summarises uses of Fossil fuels in USA

Fossil Fuel Power Stations - from Geoscience Australia with clickable map to investigate location of power generation in Australia from fossil fuel. Good background information for teachers

Renewable Energy Map of Australia - from Geoscience Australia with clickable map to investigate location of power generation in Australia from renewable sources

Office of Fossil Energy - homepage of the US Department of Energy. Good background information for teachers

Innovation for our Energy Future - from US Dept of Energy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Includes students' resources

For Students and Teachers: Educational Activities - from Office of Fossil Energy, US Department of Energy

Mineral, oil and gas resources - from Australian Yearbook 2005, Australian Bureau of Statistics. Good background information for teachers

Australia's Identified Mineral Resources 2005 - from GeoScience Australia. See pages 19 and 25 for Black and Brown Coal. Good background information for teachers

Chapter 8: Fossil Fuels - Coal, Oil and Natural Gas - from Energy Quest, California. A simple introduction to fossil fuels

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Coal and coalification

Origin Energy Fossil Gallery - from SA Museum. Shows the origins of various fossil fuels

Minerals & petroleum - NSW Coal - from Department of Primary Industries

Mineral Resources - from Tulane University, scroll down to Coal. Good background information for teachers

A collection of links to Coal Producers' web sites

COAL: Ancient Gift Serving Modern Man - American Coal Foundation. An introduction to the uses, production and regulations pertaning to coal

Coal and Society - from World Coal Institute. About coal and its impact and uses in society

The Coal Classroom - from the Coal Association of Canada. Good student resource

Griffin Coal - a coal mining company in WA, see pull-down menues for Types of Coal, Geology, Mining, Burning Issues such as clean coal, alternative fuels. Includes educational resources

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Petroleum and natural gas

Lesson Plans - topics about using recycled oil - from State of Alabama Project Rose (pdf, 1.1 mb)

Minerals & petroleum - Petroleum - from NSW Department of Primary Industries

From the Ground Up: The World of Oil - from Petroleum Education, Paleontological Research Institute (Ithaca, NY). Good student resource

In the Classroom - created to provide useful and fun information for classroom use; from the American Petroleum Institute

Lecture 10: Fossil Fuels as Energy Sources - from Columbia University. Includes teaching notes

Mineral Resources - from Tulane University

Modeling Oil and Gas Reservoirs - Classroom Activity - Source: Adapted with permission by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists from AGI's EarthComm, Earth's Natural Resources, pp. R65-R66. This activity will help students to understand some of the factors that petroleum geologists need to consider when drilling for oil.

Petroleum (crude oil) - summarises the important characteristics of petroleum - from The Pennsylvania State University

Petroleum Fuels - from USA Department of Energy

Oil on My Shoes - from The Petroleum Geologist. Explores the science of Petroleum Geology with activities at primary and secondary level in basic, intermediate and advanced

Petroleum(Oil) - A Fossil Fuel - from Energy Kids. Includes teaching plans and student activities

Abiotic Theory of Oil Formation - an alternative theory for the formation of oil, from The Environmental Literacy Council

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Search for and production of coal and oil

Minerals and Petroleum - from Department of Mineral Resources, NSW

The Quest for Energy: 'Rewarding Careers in Petroleum Exploration' - this is a PowerPoint presentation (139 slides; 25.5mb) which can be downloaded as individual slides or as a whole. Most of the statistics are from the US. Excellent slides of oil traps, oil exploration, recovery, processing; from American Association of Petroleum Geologist

Petroleum Geology and Geophysics - from IBM Research. Images and descriptions

Petroleum - from Department of Mineral Resources, NSW

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Uses of coal and oil

Refining of Petroleum - a fact sheet from Australian Institute of Petroleum

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Impact on the environment

CO2CRC Image Library - from Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies, diagrams and photographs for use for educational purposes. Downloadable print-quality JPEG images

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Dependence of modern society on coal, oil and gas

Energy - NSW State of the Environment 2003, from Environment Protection Authority. Looks at human settlement and energy consumption

Australia's Future oil supply and alternative transport fuels -from Australian Conservation Foundation. Good background information for teachers (pdf, 463kb)

Physics of Energy and The Environment - Physics 161 On-line Access - from University of Oregon with lecture notes on Fossil Fuels I, Fossil Fuels II, Fossil Fuel III, The Greenhouse Effect, Ozone Depletion, CO2 and Transportation and Fuel Savings, Energy Conservation + Fluorescent Lighting and Insulation in the Home

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Impact on greenhouse effect

What are Greenhouse Gases? - US Department of Energy. A basic introduction to Greenhouse Gases

Carbon currency - the credits and debits of carbon emissions trading - from NOVA, The Australian Academy of Science

Enhanced greenhouse effect - a hot international topic - from NOVA, The Australian Academy of Science

Coal and Greenhouse gas emissions - from Australian Coal Association (pdf 22kb)

Environment - from Macquarie Generation. Various impacts of the greenhouse effect. Good background information for teachers.

Australian Deparment of Climate Change - promoting sustainable ways to deal with climate change

Greenhouse Gas Grave - from The Lab, ABC Online

What's up with the weather? - an interview with Fred Palmer, President of Western Fuel Assoc. about global warming and fossil fuel burning

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Alternative sources of energy

Generating new ideas for meeting future energy needs - from NOVA, The Australian Academy of Science

The Energy Story - from California Energy Commission

Choices at Work - from Consumer Energy Center, California Energy Commission. Page also has pages relating to Home and School

Thinking ahead - fusion energy for the 21st century? - from NOVA, The Australian Academy of Science. Details the choices for energy sources of the future
Solar Energy - from Planet Earth
How do Photovoltaics Work? - from Science@NASA. An introduction to photovoltaics
How Solar Cells Work - from How Stuff Works. Includes videos
Overview - Wind Energy: A Resource for the 21st Century - from CSIRO Land and Water (pdf 315kb)
Wind power gathers speed - from NOVA, The Australian Academy of Science
Wind and Hydropower Technologies Program - from Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, USA
Hydro Power - from Energy Story, EnergyQuest, California
Hydro-electric power - energy from falling water - from Andy Darville's Science Site
Hydroelectric power: How it works - Water science for schools (US Geological Survey)
Why use Nuclear Power? - from The Virtual Nuclear Tourist
Nuclear Energy and Society - a personal page by Ilan Lipper & Jon Stone detailing nuclear energy's role in society
Nuclear Power - from Andy Darville's Science Site
Junee ethanol refinery plans unveiled- article from ABC Rural
Fuel Ethanol-Background and Policy Issues - from Parliamentary Library. Briefing paper. Good background information for teachers
The Manual for the Home and Farm Production of Alcohol Fuel - an online textbook on this topic
The Port Kembla Project - information on the Port Kembla Wave Enery Converter from Oceanlinx website. This site also has detailed information on how Wave energy works and environmental benefits of Wave Energy.
Biomass - the growing energy resource - from NOVA, The Australian Academy of Science. An introduction to biomass; the general term for living material plants, animals, fungi, bacteria.
Geothermal Resources - from Havilah Resoucres. A range of materials on Geothermal resources
Geothermal Resources - from Waikato Regional Council, NZ. A range of materials on Geothermal resources
Australian Geothermal Energy Association Inc - AGEA is the national industry association for the Australian Geothermal Energy Industry
Which way ahead for hydrogen cars? - from NOVA, The Australian Academy of Science
Hybrids greener than hydrogen cars - study - article from ABC Science
    Fuel cells

Fuelling the 21st century - from NOVA, The Australian Academy of Science

Discovering the principle of the fuel cell at home or in school - from The Online Fuel Cell Information Resource (pdf 323 kb)

Fuel Cell Basics -from The Smithsonian Institute. A basic introduction to Fuel Cells

Fuel Cell Links for teachers - from FuelCells.org. Teachers can use the following links to find supplemental lesson plans, educational materials and science projects that focus on fuel cells, energy and the environment.

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Conserving energy

Educating for a sustainable future - current Australian Government web page with link to A National Environmental Education Statement for Australian Schools (pdf, 1233kb)

Energy Savers: Tips on Saving Energy and Money at Home - US Department of Energy, pdf booklet (3.48MB)

EnergySave: Smarter ways to use electricity and gas - from Energy Australia

Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority, NZ - contains information on renewable energy sources and conserving energy

Energy Efficiency Tips- tips to help individuals reduce the amount of energy they use in their home.


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