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8.2 Planet Earth and Its Environment
A Five Thousand Million Year Journey

Background information Evolution of the Solar System Early Earth and its evolution
Origin of living cells Evolution of photosynthesis Climatic Variations over Earth's history

Background information

The Eight Planets: A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System: one star, eight planets, and more - from Bill Arnett

Origins - from PBS Online

Whispers from the Cosmos Map - from University of Illinois


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Evolution of the Solar System

Stars, Galaxies and Cosmology - including The Electromagnetic Spectrum, Radiation Laws and Observations at other Wavelengths, from University of Tennessee Astrophysics Group

History of the Universe Timeline - an interactive timeline from Mysteries of Deep Space, pbs online

Formation of the Solar System

Evolution of our Solar System - student activity, timeline and gallery from Lunar and Planetary Institute

Solar System Formation - senior version, from Windows on the Universe, University of Michigan

Prebiotic Evolution and the Precambrian Fossil Record - from Alan Cann, Microbiology Bytes, simple notes and diagrams

Astrobiology and the origins of Life - from Access Excellence

Violence in the Cosmos - from University of Tennessee Astrophysics Group

The Origin of the Solar System - from University of Tennessee Astrophysics Group

Formation of the Solar System - Quicktime movie from Views of the Solar System

Formation of the Solar System - from Minnesota State University Mankato

The Use of Role-Playing Exercises in Teaching Undergraduate Astronomy and Physics - with a case study on teaching Solar System Formation, from Australian Telescope National Facility

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Early Earth and its evolution

MIT Researchers Propose New Model for Convective Circulation Within Earth's Mantle - from National Science Foundation: Office of Legislative and Public Affairs

Earth as a Planet - from Federation of American Scientists

Titan - Key to Earth's Evolution? - an article by Emma Bakes from the SETI Institute

Formation of Earth, Conditions on Early Earth, Origins of Life - from University of Cincinnati, Clermont College

Origin of the Earth's Atmosphere - from Eastern Illinois University

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Origin of living cells

Urey and Miller's Experiment

How Did Life Begin? An Interview with Andy Knoll - from PBS Online

Miller-Urey Experiment - interactive simulation of the experiment with movies of Miller setting up apparatus, from University of California Television

Miller and Urey Spark Discharge - Quicktime movie of recreation of experiment from Norton Publisher

From Primordial Soup to the Prebiotic Beach - this page also contains some useful links

Amino acids are created in laboratory - from A Science Odyssey, PBS

Miller/Urey Experiment - from Duke University

The Beginnings of Life on Earth - an article from American Scientist

Reflections From a Warm Little Pond - an article published in Astrobiology Magazine

Black Smokers and fumaroles

American Museum of Natural History Expeditions - Black Smokers - includes animation of formation of "Black Smokers"

Looking for clues to our mineral wealth - from NOVA, Australian Academy of Science

"Black Smokers" on the Sea Floor - from United States Geological Survey

Exploring the deep ocean floor: Hot springs and strange creatures - from United States Geological Survey

Into the Abyss - from NOVA, PBS Online

Voyage to Puna Ridge - including Science Factoids eg Biology - Living on the Seafloor and Lava Flows Underwater and Basalt, from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Black Smokers and Giant Worms - from Courseworld

AJ's Black Smoker - an applet that explores the development of species in isolation or proximity in Black Smokers, good help files supplied

Chemosynthesis - from NeMo Explorer, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Chemosynthesis - from Voyage to the Deep, University of Delaware

Origins of Life: Chemosynthesis - from Kenyon College, Astrobiology(pdf 701.6kB)


Introduction to the Archaea: Life's extremists... - from Museum of Paleontology, University of California, Berkeley

Extremophiles - from the Virtual Museum of Bacteria

What is an Extremophile? - from Microbial Life Educational Resources, Carleton College

Deep Dwellers: Microbes thrives far below ground

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Evolution of the atmosphere

The Atmosphere - from Revision Resources for A Level Chemistry, UK

Evolution of the Atmosphere - from Plymouth University

Evolution of photosynthesis

Evolution of Photosynthesis - information and links from Center for Bioenergy & Photosynthesis, Arizona State University

Evolution: When Did Photosynthesis Emerge on Earth? - an article published in Science

Origin of Life - from Encyclopedia of Global Change, Environmental Change and Human Society. 11 pages of solid information.(pdf 153.3kb)

Global Carbon Cycle

Understanding the Global Carbon Cycle - from The Woods Hole Research Center

The Carbon Cycle - from Earth Observatory, NASA

The Carbon Cycle - from Fundamentals of Physical Geography

What is Carbon? - from Kansas State University

Carbon - from University of Denver

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Climatic Variations over Earth's history

Climate Change Informaion Kit -detailed informationorganised under a range of topics, from United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

NOAA Paleoclimatology Program - from the National Climate Data Center

Climate System Research Center - current Research Projects, University of Massachusetts

Climate Change - from the Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment. use the Encyclopedia of Global Change, Environmental Change and Human Society link at left

Paleoclimatology and climate system dynamics - from American Geophysical Union

Plate tectonics and the evolution of climate - from American Geophysical Union

Deciphering Mysteries of Past Climate From Antarctic Ice Cores - from American Geophysical Union

Evidence of Past Climates - from Manchester Municipal University

A Paleo Perspective on Global Warming - from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, including The Mid-Cretaceous Period and Weather, Climate, and Paleoclimatology

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