UniServe Science Physics Table of Contents

Software for use in the Physics Syllabus

Preliminary Course HSC Course Options
8.2   The World Communicates 9.2   Space 9.5   Geophysics
8.3   Electrical Energy in the Home 9.3   Motors and Generators 9.6   Medical Physics
8.4   Moving About 9.4   From Ideas to Implementation 9.7   Astrophysics
8.5   The Cosmic Engine   9.8   From Quanta to Quarks
  General physics software 9.9   The Age of Silicon

The World Communicates

Zelscope: Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer
Zelscope is a Windows software that converts your PC into a dual-trace storage oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer

Windows only
Available from Zelscope
Download free trial version

Moving About

Physics video motion analysis software

Windows only
Further details from World-in-Motion
Available from The Logical Interface

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The Cosmic Engine

Discovering Science Topics in Physics
Topics on this CD-ROM: Virtual Telescope and History of the Universe

Windows only
Further details from The Open University
Available from

Educational Media Australia
122/214 Park St
South Melbourne Vic 3205
Tel: 03 9699 7144

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Space Update
Topics on this CD-ROM: Astronomy, The Solar System, Space Weather and Space Events

Windows or Macintosh
Further details from Rice Space Institute
Order online

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From Quanta to Quarks

Atom in a Box
This Real-Time Visualization of the Quantum Mechanical Atomic Orbitals can be downloaded from the web site (shareware $US20) given below.

Macintosh only
Available from http://dauger.com/orbitals/

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The Age of Silicon

Logic Gates Circuit Simulation Program
This program can be downloaded free of charge from the web site given below. It is a simple Windows application that executes logic circuits. The combinational circuits supported by it are run to produce a truth table.

Windows only
Available from http://www.pontybrenin.freeserve.co.uk/logic/

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General physics software

includes extensive teaching materials, interactive exercises, trial tests and an interactive laboratory. There are four volumes in the set: Forces and Motion; Electricity and Magnetism (including Electricity in the Home); Matter, the Earth, the Stars and the Planets; and Waves and Optics.

Windows Only
Further details including sample screens available at
Aircom Education

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