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Proceedings of 10th Biennial Science Teachers' Workshop, June 21-22 2002
The University of Sydney



Experimental science using simple equipment
Dick Collins, The University of Sydney
Using MS-Excel for data analysis and simulation
Ian Cooper, The University of Sydney
Why build big telescopes?
Robert Hollow, Tara Anglican School for Girls
Motors and Generators
Joe Khachan and Chris Stewart, The University of Sydney
Medical Physics
Colleen Moroney, Australian Catholic University
Communication strategies for future space travel: A WebQuest to collect information to compare the use of microwave and radiowave technology in space communication
Kaye Placing and Anne Fernandez, The University of Sydney
Peter Robinson, The University of Sydney
Understanding electricity and circuits: What the text books don't tell you
Ian Sefton, The University of Sydney
Using Data Loggers
Paul Wacher, Queenwood School for Girls
Blackbody radiation
Mike Wheatland, The University of Sydney
Physics for non-physicists
Kate Wilson, The University of Sydney
Web site and worksheets
Sandra Woodward, Oak Hill College
HSC Physics Virtual Laboratory
OTEN group
SEARFE: Students Exploring Australia's Radio Frequency Environment
SEARFE group

Supplementary material

Timeline of the development of the oscilloscope
Kirsten Hogg, The University of Sydney

Proceedings of 10th Biennial Science Teachers' Workshop, June 21-22, 2002

Published by: Science Foundation for Physics and The School of Physics, The University of Sydney, NSW 2006
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