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9.2 Lifestyle Chemistry

Background and general information Physical and chemical properties of substances Cleaning products
Physical and chemical properties of the skin Solvents and cosmetics Solubility and Absorption

Background and general information

Senior Science: Lifestyle Chemistry - from HSC Online

Lifestyle Chemistry - a unit plan by MTeach students at The University of Sydney, complete guide to unit with many links to pertinent information.

Chemistry in the Marketplace - a reference book written by Prof Ben Selinger, ANU. "It explores the hidden world of chemistry that surrounds us in our daily life, in the bedroom (perfumes, deodorants and sunscreens); in the kitchen (nutrition and a whole new look at cooking!); and in the restaurant (wine, food additives and poisons)." []

Chemistry of everyday life: Frequently asked questions - from General Chemistry Online! General information concerning chemicals found in household substances e.g. lipstick, soap, stain removers and more. [] [] [] More detailed information available from Chemistry of everyday life and General resources

The Macrogalleria - a cyberworld of polymer fun - from the University of Southern Mississippi, excellent source information on polymers, their properties and their chemistry including shampoos and conditioners from Pasteur's Family Pharmacy []

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Physical and chemical properties of substances

Everyday chemicals and safe handling

Hazardous Chemicals in Consumer products - from TNO Nederlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Reasearch, .pdf document

Chemicals in Consumer products - from DTI, UK

Food Additives - from Food Standards Australia New Zealand


Making Mayonnaise - An Edible Emulsion - simple experimental outline on emulsions and their properties []

Introduction to Surfactants - from the Key Centre for Polymers Colloids at The University of Sydney

About Emulsions - from the Key Centre for Polymers Colloids at The University of Sydney

Surfactants in Emulsions - from the Key Centre for Polymers Colloids at The University of Sydney

Surface tension

Surface tension demonstrations - from Doing Chemistry

Common Water Strider: Gerris remigis - from Fairfax County Public Schools

Insect Robot walks on water - from ABC News

FLUIDS AND SURFACE TENSION - index of Physics demonstrations from University of Melbourne including simple ones on surface tension

A study of Splashes - student project on splashes, from North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

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Cleaning products

The Soap and Detergent Association - home page

Cleaning products overview - from The Soap and Detergent Association

Sodium percarbonate - from Chem-Online, includes a table showing composition of bleach and detergent mixtures

Cleaning Up with Chemistry: Investigating the Action of Zeolite in Laundry Detergent - an activity that was published in the Journal of Chemical Education, full article is available in pdf

Introduction - to Detergent Chemistry from Kiwi Web, Chemistry and New Zealand. This is a detailed article on detergent chemistry, surfactants, differences between soaps and detergents and their disadvantages. [] [] [] []

The Chemistry of Cleaning - from Dawn Chemical Corporation

Detergency - from the Key Centre for Polymers Colloids at The University of Sydney

Soap vs Detergent - from the Key Centre for Polymers Colloids at The University of Sydney

Biodegradability Experiments - Student Instructions, from St. Clair County Regional Office of Education, Illinois

Comparison of five different methods for measuring biodegradability in aqueous environments - from Journal of Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 15-page pdf

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Physical and chemical properties of the skin

Blue Histology - very useful page offering notes and labelled diagrams of the Integumentary system, from University of Western Australia.

Part 13: Skin (Integument) and Tongue - photomicrographs of skin (e.g. hair follicles, sebaceous gland) and tongue tissue from Loyola University Chicago, images open in a new browser window.

Section 7: Integument - from Atlas of Microscopic Anatomy

Normal Flora- microorganisms on skin, from Center for Environmental Health and Safety, Southern Illinois University

Flora of the Skin, Nose and Throat - well illustrated web site from University of Georgia

The gut Flora as a forgotten Organ - from Nature Magazine

9.2.3 Cleaning products used on the human body - from HSC Online

Handwashing Laboratory Activities - from Access Excellence

ph (and the skin's acid mantle) - from skin esscentuals - includes a useful natural pH scale based on common materials

Perspiration - from Skin Health Online

Suffering from excess sweating? - from Skin Care Guide, with information on other skin conditions

Can you stop yourself sweating? - News article from the Guardian,12977,1176776,00.html

Hair Biology Index - an introduction to hair biology, the structure, embryonic development, growth, types, and cycling of hair follicles, from []

Hair Cosmetics Index - some web pages are available on permanent makeup for eyebrows, shampoo, swimmers' hair, and quick hair care tips, from

Ingedients in Hair Products - in particular Hair Products and The Structure of Your Hair, from All About Hair

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Personal cleaning products and cosmetics

9.2.4 The nature of a solvent - from HSC Online

Australian Government FAQs about cosmetics regulations - from Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing

Positional papers - from Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists

Putting on a good face the chemistry of cosmetics - from Nova: Science in the news

COSMETICS - from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition - links to information on Cosmetic Products and Ingredients and Cosmetic Labeling and Label Claims []

On the Teen Scene: Cosmetics and Reality - from the US Food and Drug Administration, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition - ingredients of cosmetics and health information for teenagers on cosmetics []

Cosmetic Skin Care Procedures - from Herbal Luxuries, a commercial site

Cosmetic ingredients - from Dermadoctor

Cosmetic Ingredients Reference Guide & Dictionary - an online Reference Guide and glossary gives brief descriptions, from Dean Coleman Herbal Luxuries

Soap making Supplies - instructions and ingredients from AquaSapone

Escentials of Australia - supplier offering essential oils

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Pharmaceutics and Compounding Laboratory - from the University of North Carolina, excellent site that covers how ointments are made and contains detailed instructions on preparation of an ointment that could be used as a classroom activity [] []

Cosmetics Recipes by LindaWB - from Escentials Australia

Dermal application

Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems - excellent source of information for drug delivery by transdermal patches, from Drug Delivery Technology

Diagram of subdermal patch shows structure
Cross section of patch

Transdermal Delivery - from NanOvic
Transdermal Delivery

Patches, Pumps and Timed Release: New Ways to Deliver Drugs - from the US Food and Drug Administration (while this article is [] [] []

Overcoming Cancer Pain - Medications for Strong Pain - from Cancer Council

It's Quittin' Time: Smokers Need Not Rely on Willpower Alone - an article in FDA Consumer Magazine, includes a section on Which Nicotine Replacement Product Appeals to You? - patches, gum, inhaler or spray

Silastic subdermal implants - from University of Sydney, .pdf file

Contraception (hormonal) - from the Womens Health Channel, scroll down to dermal patches and subdermal implants briefly

Norplant Implants: What the Implants Do - includes Advantages and Disadvantages, from Emory University

Transdermal Drug Delivery: PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE - from Molecular Interventions Article can be downloaded as a .pdf

The Digestive System

Digestive System Black and White image - from HSC Online

Human Digestive System - from Kids Health

Pathophysiology of the Digestive System - fundamental physiology and anatomy of the digestive system, from Colorado State University

Your Digestive System and How It Works - good introductory article at an appropriate level for students from the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse

Solubility of Drugs and Vitamins
Acid Stomach - an experiment procedure for investigating the difference between regular, buffered, and enteric (coated) aspirin [], from Science NetLinks

What is the buffer system in buffered aspirin? - what is buffering? and why is it used? from General Chemistry Online! FAQs about Acids & bases []

History of Aspirin - from Bayer

Sustained release pharmaceutical preparations and methods for producing the same - Patent Storm

Oral extended-release products from the Australian Prescriber magazine []

Coating of pellets with micronized ethylcellulose particles by a dry powder coating technique - article from Science Direct

Vitamin Toxicity - from HealthAtoZ, discusses water and fat soluble vitamins and their toxicity []

Vitamin A Toxicity - from WebMD

Toxicity of vitamins - from Medicinal Food News, discusses why fat-soluble vitamins are more likely to produce poisoning than water soluble vitamins[]

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