State Emblems
A web-based activity exploring the emblems of the states of Australia

NSW Syllabus references:
Years 7 - 104.9.6 the lithosphere
page 36
a) identify that rocks are composed of minerals
b) explain the breaking down of rocks in terms of physical and chemical changes
d) describe the origin of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks
4.11 natural resources
page 38
b) give examples of resources from living things and resources extracted from the air, Earth and oceans
K - 6An Ancient Land
pages 128 & 129
Changes that have occurred over long periods of time: investigate animals that existed in prehistoric times
Our Australia
pages 102 & 103
Identifying and promoting Australian animals and plants


You are a member of a committee which has been asked to recommend to the Premier and cabinet of your state a mineral and/or a gemstone and/or a fossil emblem for the state.

Only 4 states of Australia currently have such emblems:

Queensland has thesapphireas its gemstone emblem
South Australia has theopalas its gemstone emblem
Tasmania has thecrocoiteas its mineral emblem
Western Australia has theGogo fishas its fossil emblem

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You are asked to prepare for the Premier a pamphlet to brief the cabinet on:
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