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There's a lot to learn in this space age especially in the area of space travel and communication. Using the Web allows you to discover a great deal about this exciting and developing area. Below is a list of questions about the topic. Surf the Internet links on this page to find answers to the questions.


  1. Identify those parts of the electromagnetic spectrum that are important for the investigation of space, space travel and communication. Account for the use of these particular wavelengths.

  2. Describe the radio spectrum and identify the significant bands within it.

  3. Investigate the relationship between wavelength of electromagnetic radiation and the relative length of transmitting and receiving antennae.

  4. Describe the features of the Voyager spacecraft that have made communication possible over vast distances.

  5. Construct a cross-section of the Earth's atmosphere including regions that are of specific importance to communication, space travel and satellite location.

  6. Outline what is meant by 'space weather'.

  7. Describe the eleven year cycle. Describe the 'butterfly pattern' and what it tells us about sunspots. Compare the eleven year sunspot cycle to the 22 year solar magnetic cycle.

  8. Outline the consequences of space weather.

  9. Explain 'satellite anomalies'.

  10. Explain 'atmospheric drag' and its impact on spacecraft.

  11. Outline the purpose of the Skylab mission. Account for Skylab's premature reentry into the Earth's atmosphere.

  12. Predict the likelihood of extreme damage to spacecraft and astronauts from solar storms and geomagnetic storms.

  13. Describe the van Allen radiation belts.

  14. Summarise the discovery of the van Allen radiation belts.

  15. Outline the harmful effects of the van Allen radiation belts.

  16. Outline the role of the Internet as a form of space communication.

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The Big Question

Successful space travel and communication are affected by the vast distances involved, the nature of the atmosphere which must be traversed e.g. the van Allen radiation belts, and space weather, in general, but sunspots in particular. Compare the use of microwave and radiowave technology as effective communication strategies for space travel.

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