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The following list contains examples of the types of interactive science teaching resources available on the web. Although the list is by no means complete, an attempt has been made to include a variety of activities, representing as many disciplines as possible and to include Australian examples where they were available. If you are using any of these resources or have found more appropriate resources, we welcome your comments. If you are interested in evaluating any of these web sites, please contact UniServe Science.

Virtual Field Trips Virtual Laboratories Real World Data and Image Banks
Case Studies Science in the News Real World Problems and Experiences


Virtual Field Trips- help for teachers who want to create a virtual field trip

Virtual Field Trips - from Web Tools Newsletter

Examples of Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trip - Kiama, NSW - prepared by UniServe Science as an example of a local area study, explore the geology of a local area and investigate how the geology has impacted on the landscape

Virtual mangrove fieldtrip - produced by Jane West, OTEN, a practice session for students about to complete a field study or a replacement for those students who are physically unable to go into the field to complete their study

Towra Point Mangrove Excursion - from the School of Biological Sciences, The University of Sydney, includes a transect and vegetation studies

Intertidal Zone Field Trip - from the northwest coast of USA

Who lives in the Intertidal Zone?

A Last Interglacial estuarine deposit at Largs, New South Wales, Australia - from University of Newcastle. The Largs site is significant because it provides an opportunity to quantify sea levels in eastern Australia for the last Interglacial

Glacial Geology at University of Cincinnati - view images of, and learn about, glaciers

Plant collecting in Western New South Wales - from the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research, aims to set out the general sorts of things that happen on a botanical field trip

Fossil Forest near Lulworth Cove, southern England - the Fossil Forest, west of Lulworth Cove, Dorset, southern England, is a classic geological locality with the remains and moulds of late Jurassic or early Cretaceous coniferous trees rooted in a palaeosol (ancient soil), the Great Dirt Bed

Physical Geology Virtual Field Trips - Big Bend National Park - from Texas A&M University

Physical Geology Virtual Field Trips - Texas Hill Country - from Texas A&M University

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Physics 2000 Applets - from University of Colorado at Boulder

Amusement Park Physics - activities in the exhibit invite visitors to design a roller coaster and determine the outcomes of bumper car collision

The Virtual Laboratory - from Hallym University

Virtual Chemistry- from Oxford University

Virtual Earthquake - from California State Univerisity, LA

Virtual Dating - from California State Univerisity, LA

Electrophoresis Simulation Site - from Rochester Institute of Technology

SkyView - Virtual Telescope, generating images of any part of the sky at wavelengths in all regimes from Radio to Gamma-Ray

Visualize Science - from Explore Science, includes interactive resources in Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Life Sciences including The Virtual Mouse House, Astronomy, and Optics, some activities free, some require subscription

Virtual Photosynthesis Experiments - ASU Photosynthesis Center, use mutant bacteria to discover which proteins are necessary for photosynthesis

Virtual Molecules

The plug-in 'Chime' is useful for visualizing compounds. Free registration is required. Description: MDLŽ Chime is a plug-in that interactively displays 2D and 3D molecules directly in Web pages. You can rotate, reformat, and save the molecules for use in other programs. You will be required to accept a license agreement when you install the program. To preview the agreement, which explains the permitted and nonpermitted uses of this no-fee software, click on the End User License Agreement link below.

Molecular Models - from Okanagan University College

Basic Organic Nomenclature - from Okanagan University College

Lycoming Chemistry 3-D Molecules - from Lycoming College

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Real World Data

El Niño Theme Page- Access to information about El Niño

Bureau of Meteorology - temperatures, rainfall, satellite maps

Update on Current Volcanic Activity - from Volcano World, North Dakota University

Weather Climate and Drought - vegetation greenness change maps - based on satellite imagery - show the relative change in the density of vegetation

Images banks

The University of Newcastle Pollen Collection - University of Newcastle

Virtual Herbarium at Charles Sturt University

Photo Gallery - from Molecular Expressions

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National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science - the use of case studies holds great promise as a pedagogical technique for teaching science, particularly to undergraduates, because it humanizes science, from University of Buffalo

Case Studies in Science - University of Buffalo

About Teaching with Problems and Case Studies - from the Journal of Chemical Education

Teaching Science as Inquiry - outline of a course for teachers "CLASSROOM CASE STUDIES: Teaching Science as Inquiry" as a 13 page .pdf file

Your Genes, Your Choice - 7 case studies involving genetic engineering, from the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Energy and the Environment - ideas for case studies, from California State University, Fullerton

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Nova - Science in the News- from Australian Academy of Science, new Nova topics are being posted regularly

News in Science - from Australian Broadcasting Corporation

News in Science: Space and Astronomy - from Australian Broadcasting Corporation

News in Science: Environment and Nature - from Australian Broadcasting Corporation

News in Science: Health and Medical News - from Australian Broadcasting Corporation

In the news - geology links from publisher Houghton Mifflin

BBC News: Science and Nature

Science and Space - from

Health - from

Today's Stories - from Science at NASA

Science in the Headlines - from the National Academies

News Service - from American Chemical Society

Enthusiasts Information - from American Chemical Society

Biology in the News - from Discover Biology

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Virtual Workshop - Transport of East Asian Dust Pall Across the Pacific

Science in the Courtroom

Toxic Legacy - Hazardous Waste and the Lessons of Woburn, Massachusetts

Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre Pty Ltd

Human Genetics - A Worldwide Search for the Dominant Trait.
This is an opportunity for students to study genetics as experienced scientists do. Students are asked to complete survey forms, formulate hypotheses, and use the data complied by students around the globe to test their hypotheses.
This Collaborative project is being conducted by CIESE from 13 September 1999 - 10 December 1999.

WHY DO LEAVES CHANGE COLOR? A WebQuest for second-fourth graders about fall leaves and why they change colors.

Morton Arboretum
Best Gardening NZ

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