Managing Australia's Biodiversity

An Internet WebQuest on Biodiversity

created by Kaye Placing, UniServe Science

"A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented activity in which some or all of the information that learners interact with comes from resources on the internet." Bernie Dodge, 1997, Some Thoughts About WebQuests

The Managing Australia's Biodiversity WebQuest has been designed to be used in conjunction with Exploring Diversity, the theme of National Science Week 2001.

While working through the WebQuest, students will access background information as well as some controversial views regarding the conservation and use of many Australian native animal species.

The WebQuest provides the students with many web-based resources and an attempt has been made to provide alternate views on issues where appropriate. It is important that the students read "Sustaining Australia's Land" by Prof Michael Archer before embarking on their research. A link is provided for this. The remaining links are categorised into general background information, then links that relate to specific issues within the overall debate.

The web-based resources can be supplemented with books, CD-ROMs, videos and student generated materials such as interviews and surveys.

The material has been designed for use with students from Stage 3 (upper Primary) to Stage 5 (lower Secondary). In particular, the WebQuest addresses the content contained in the NSW Science Stages 4-5 Syllabus, page 30, 5.10 c and d and some of the optional content associated with that topic.

The aim of the WebQuest is to produce a set of recommendations regarding the use of Australia's native animal species and present the recommendations in written, electronic or oral format to other members of the class or school.

Although designed in association with National Science Week 2001, the WebQuest will remain on the UniServe Science web site for future use and further development. Any comments are welcome.

Managing Australia's Biodiversity
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