Energy: Future Challenges


General Sites at student level

Energy - General information and student activities from EduGreen, India

Energy Resources - from Andy Darvill's Science Site. Differentiates "Energy Resources" from "Types of Energy"

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans - from the Alliance to Save Energy, see in particular Elementary Lesson Plans

Teaching resources and Activities - from Solar Schools; addresses the concepts of energy, its understanding and management. Subject/grade level adaptable resources and activities designed to cover a number of curriculum areas and to address Key Learning Areas across the whole school curricular.

Switch ON - from Energex. Information is presented on key scientific discoveries and inventions, the science behind electricity generation and alternative sources of energy. Lessons and activities for Years 1-9 align with Science and SOSE syllabi. Specific learning outcomes are identified on worksheets available for classroom use. General information pages are provided on alternative sources of energy, ENERGEX's role as an organisation, the workings of electricity, energy use and the environment. 'Fun stuff' hosts a range of games demonstrating electricity use, energy efficiency, safety in the home and more. Screen savers and interactive activities are also available.

Energy for Thought - from Bureau of Land Management. Lesson plans, downloadable resources and activities. Web content is based on an article authored by Bibi Booth, Shelly Fischman, and Elizabeth Wooster (all Bureau of Land Management staff) that appeared in Science & Children magazine, May 2002, published by the National Science Teachers Association.

Origin Energy Education Resources - from Origin Energy. Education resources for students and teachers.

Power Smart at School - from BC Hydro, British Columbia. Resources developed in conjunction with educators and curriculum specialists to develop high-quality, engaging and relevant resources that provide valuable information on energy efficiency, energy alternatives, electrical safety, sustainability and the environment.

Alternative Energy - from Railroad Commission of Texas. Suitable for sixth- through eighth-grade science, as well as for high-school integrated physics and chemistry (IPC), chemistry, physics, environmental science and biology.

Earth Today Curriculum Supplement - from South Carolina Department of Health and Environment Control. Links to resources and activities for schools.

Online resources

Clip Art Library - from Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, clip art on an environmental theme, topics include baterries, light bulbs, recycling, free to use for educational purposes and suitable for worksheets

Information Portal - resources from Research Institute for Sustainable Energy on various forms of sustainable energy

Energy Australia Educational Resources - from Energy Australia. Resources for primary and secondary education.

Games and Activities

Switch ON - from Energex. Flash games dealing with electricity, energy and the environment.

Games and Puzzles - from Energy Quest, California. Flash games, puzzles, colouring pages and more

Energy Science Projects and Activities - from Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Resources for science projects and activities-for science fairs, class or home-to help students in grades K-12 learn about energy, particularly energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Alternative Energy Technologies - from Eco Kids Online, Canada. Printable information sheet on Alternative Energy Technologies.

Projects - from Energy Quest, California. A number of science and energy activities for students, K-12. Each of them have a short description on this page and then a link to the actual activity. Some activity sheets will need to be downloaded or printed with your Web browser software.

Greenhouse Calculator - from Environment Protection Authority, Victoria. The Australian Greenhouse Calculator is a program that will calculate your yearly greenhouse gas emissions based on the information you provide. The calculator will also compare your greenhouse emissions with that of a 'typical' house and a 'green' house. Teachers should explore the reference section for guidance on classroom activities and how to use the program.



Energex - Energy for a Changing World - select Kids Site, from Energex, Queensland, including activities and teacher resourcess.

Energy and Change - from Curriculum Corporation. A module in which students will learn more about energy; carry out an investigation on solar energy and hot cars as well as examine some other forms of energy and how it changes.

Energy Kid's Page - from Energy Information Administration. Lesson plans, resources, activities and field trip ideas for schools.

Energy from coal, oil and gas

Chapter 8: Fossil Fuels - Coal, Oil and Natural Gas - from Energy Story, EnergyQuest, California. Basic information about forms of fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels - from Andy Darville's Science Site. Basic introduction to forms of fossil fuels.

Energy from radioactivity

Chapter 13: Nuclear Energy - Fission and Fusion - from Energy Story, EnergyQuest, Canada. Basic introduction to nuclear energy.

Nuclear Power - energy from splitting Uranium atoms - from Andy Darville's Science Site. Basic introduction to nuclear power.

Student's Corner - from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Comprehensive information on nuclear energy.

Energy from the Sun

Chapter 15: Solar Energy - from Energy Story, EnergyQuest, Canada. Comprehensive information on solar energy.

Solar Power - from Andy Darville's Science Site. Information about energy from the sun

Solar Thermal Project - from CSIRO. Fact sheets on various forms of energy sources.

Solar Energy Coloring Book - from the Texas Solar Energy Society. Printable solar energy themed colouring book.


Energy from wind

Wind energy in schools - from Origin Energy. Information and collection of work on wind energy in schools.

Wind power - energy from the air - from Andy Darville's Science Site. Introductory information on wind power.

Codrington Wind Farms: Harvesting free and renewable energy - a case study from University of Ballarat. interactive web based resource to showcase case studies of best environmental practice in rural and regional settings.

Rolls Royce Energy Resources - from Rolls Royce, Resources for Schools. Comprehensive resources for teaching energy (including wind energy) to school aged children; including interactive flash games.

Illustrated History of Wind Power Development - a personal web page pertaining to the history of wind power development; information derived from many sources.

Windustry - Windustry® promotes progressive renewable energy solutions and empowers communities to develop and own wind energy as an environmentally sustainable asset. This site contains fact sheets, project ideas and other educational resources.

Wind Power Now - from PBS Online. Looks at the pros and cons of wind power.

Ireland to Build World's Largest Wind Farm - a relevant article from National Geographic News

Wind Farms Face Green Resistance - a relevant article from CBSNews

Chapter 16: Wind Energy - from Energy Story, EnergyQuest, Canada. Introduction to wind energy.

Save the Loon with Wind Energy: Comparative Impacts of Wind and Other Energy Sources on Wildlife - a wind energy Fact Sheet from American Wind Energy Association

Wind Energy Fact Sheets - various wind energy fact sheets from the American Wind Energy Association

Energy from running water

Chapter 12: Hydro Power - from Energy Story, EnergyQuest, Canada. Introduction to hydro power.

Hydro-electric power is generated from falling water - from Andy Darvill's Science Site. Introduction to hydro electrics and how it works.

Energy from the oceans

Chapter 14: Ocean Energy - from Energy Story, EnergyQuest, Canada. Introduction to ocean energy

Ocean Energy - 22 page teaching guide from Mineral Management Service with relevance to ocean energy, in particular pages 11-13 and 19

Tidal Power: Energy from the Sea - from Andy Darvill's Science Site. Introduction to tidal power from the sea.

Wave Power - energy from the wind on the sea - from Andy Darvill's Science Site. Introducton to wave power from the sea

Energy from vegetable oil and animal fat

Biodiesels - from Urban Ecology Australia. An introduction to biodiesels

Biodiesel from Canola Oil - a case study on biodiesel from Canola Oil from University of Ballarat. Contains teaching resources and fact sheets

Biodiesel - Interview broadacst transcrip of discussion on Biodiesel on Earth Beat, Radio National, ABC

Energy from organic materials

Biomass - the growing energy resource - from Nova, Australian Academy of Sciences. Energy from biomass is sparking interest amongst scientists, policy makers and growers as they search for clean, renewable energy alternatives.

Biomass - energy from organic materials - from Andy Darvill's Science Site. An introduction to forms of biomass

New South Wales Sugar Industry: Renewable Electricity Generation - a case study on using sugar as a biomass resource from University of Ballarat

Berrybank Piggery: There's more to pig waste than smell! - a case study on using pig waste as a biomass source from University of Ballarat


Burning Wood for Electricity - radio transcript from Earth Beat, Radio National, ABC

Wood residue as an energy source for the forest products industry - from Australian National University Forestry


Energy from the Planet

Geothermal Energy Facts - from the Geothermal Education Office. Introduction to geothermal energy, including definition and how it works


Energy from hydrogen


Hydrogen - from the Energy Kid's Page, Energy Information Administration. Introduction to hydrogen, including its production and uses.



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