2010 The International Year of Biodiversity
stenoarpus plant

The United Nations has declared 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity (IYB) with the following aims:

There are many ways that you might like to incorporate this theme into your teaching and learning activities and many resources have already been linked through our site. These will also be added to in the coming months. Some of the pages you might like to explore include:

General Sites

Devils Lair site developed by UniServe Science in collaboration with Faculty of Veterinary Science at The University of Sydney for the Tasmanian Devil
2010-International-Year-of-Biodiversity site developed by Australian Museum
Natural History Museum of Britain - special site for International Year of Biodiversity
Encyclopedia of Life An online reference source and database that is building up data for for every one of the 1.8 million species that are named and known on this planet.

Stage 1-3

Living Things

Stage 4-5

Coral Reefs (Life Skills)
Large Variety of Plants (Life Skills)
Managing Australia's Biodiversity (Webquest developed by UniServe Science)

Stage 6

A local ecosystem
Australian biota and biodiversity
Introduced species and the Australian Environment
Local Environment (Senior Science)

ibis fungi

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